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Welcome to Turku in June!
The association of Finnish Hospital Engineering

The 6th European Congress for Hospital Engineering

The European Congress for Hospital Engineering (ECHE) is the bi-annual congress of IFHE Europe, the European branch of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE), which comprises more than thirty hospital engineering associations from all continents.

IFHE Europe was founded in 2005 in Strasbourg and unites the associations from twelve countries:
Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain.
Since then the conference has been held with ever more resounding success in Baden-Baden, Vienna, Goes, Paris and Bern.  Year 2015  congress will be held in Turku Finland  2nd to 5th  of June as an international ECHE- congress together with an annual national congress of the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering  (AFHE).

The ECHE is now the biggest event of its kind in the European region and can be seen as the most important platform for the discussion of hospital-specific technical topics.

The objective of IFHE Europe is to gain an overall view of the challenges facing European healthcare policy in general and the associated technology- and organization-specific topics in particular, whilst taking into account the particular circumstances in each country. Improvement of technical and infrastructural management in hospitals. Promotion of an awareness for efficient hospital engineering. Discussion and comparison of experiences and working methods. Promotion of multi-disciplinary integrated planning and design. Improvement of efficiency in the management of technical processes, maintenance and safety in hospitals. The topics under discussion constitute a cross-section of the most important technical and infrastructural problem issues that hospitals face: sustainable development and greater energy efficiency, planning, architectural design, technical equipment, information and communications technology, hospital hygiene, maintenance and operations management, biomedical facilities, risk and quality management, and many more.

The conference focuses on comparing notes on best practices and exchanging experiences, to encourage innovations, benchmarking and the creation of common European standards.

The target audience of the ECHE encompasses executives in the healthcare industry, management, development, heads of medical technology departments, construction, safety, IT, energy, building services engineering and hygiene from companies, hospitals, universities and institutes.

Approximately 500 international and national delegates are expected to attend the congress Turku. The exhibition arranged in part of the congress is expected to have 70 to 100 national and international companies giving services to  hospitals.


Juha Rantasalo
Congress president
The Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering